www.jigs4bass.com has a new face!

New Store but you can reach it at the same internet address as before..... www.jigs4bass.com The new store was necessitated by the closing of the old store host. Part of this process is to transfer the data files (files containing your information: account, orders, shipping into. pass words, etc. When the files were received they were corrupted and the only thing of use was the list of subscriber names and email addresses. We could not use your account , history and other information. PLEASE GO TO THE NEW STORE AND REGISTER this information so we can both recover this information. Thanks, Michael www.jigs4bass.com

I contacted you to let you know about the new store and how to get to it to shop..take a look. In addition to my quality products are new features to include improved graphics, increased options for the baits, automated email notices that notify you every step of the way and a very efficient check out cart. Options will be implemented over time and as conditions dictate.
You can still pay with a wide range of credit cards, PayPal and Money Order . The new baits pictured above are just the start of the store additions. In the coming month I will be adding another category: Pro + Football Jigs with all the standard features plus double rattles and wire tied.
Thank you, for both your patience and your business, Michael www.jigs4bass.com