Ok, folks here goes. I had a chance to guide one of my best clients in the Blue Lagoon system here in Miami for a day of Peacock bass fishing...Oh what a day!!
Seeing that Peacock bass are in their summer pattern down here. It only makes sense to start off the day a little later than the usual sunrise start. The Peacock bass are a fish that loves bright sunshine and hot days, usually the hotter, the day the better the bite. We left the ramp at around 11'ish and headed straight into the canals systems in search of some bigguns.
Right away I had my client on fish that were full of fight and beautiful to look at, very colorful. After a quick lunch break we decided to head off into some canals that I've seen monsters in before. We didn't hook up with any big one's there,but she did land a very respectable freshwater Snook that inhaled a very well placed lure. Ok, so now the sun is really beaming down on us and we're ready for a big Peacock bass to play with..He didn't disappoint us.We ran into a school of big fish that were happy to play with us. Landed about four before they moved of to safer waters..lol. The Peacock bass fishing is on fire right now! If ya ever wanted to catch a trophy..Now is the time!
Anyways I took some pictures of the day for yous to check out. Thanks for reading my report, and I look foward to the next.

Ninja style

Nice Snook

Big Peacock Bass