November is always a super month to catching spotted sea trout. The bite has been very good this month and should continue to improve each week for anglers. Tactics are a little different from the summer months due to weather conditions and temperature changes on the water. Water temperatures have already dropped in to the mid to low seventies recently. Fish tend to become more lethargic as the water cools down and are more apt to sit and wait for the food source to come to them with the tides. Finding the right water temps can increase your productivity as winter continues on its way. Changing your tactics and improve your success on the water. A few degrees warmer than surrounding water can make a huge difference.

Trout will hang out in three to six feet of water most of the time, but will move shallow to catch the rays of the sun to warm up. Watch for grass flats with lots of sand holes scattered on the area and you should find the trout. They love to sit in those sand holes and wait for the food to wash across the flats. It allows them to feed without much effort on their part. Targeting the sand holes will give you better odds at finding fish. Areas like Bear Point, Harbor Branch and Queen's Cove have always been great trout flats to target. Working your lures much slower will allow you to fish these spots longer and give the fish a chance to make a decision on striking your bait. DOA shrimp, Deadly Combos or soft plastics like CAL Air Heads are excellent choices for wintertime trout fishing. The key to success is working them slowly!

This past week I had Ron, Kip and Phil on the boat. Ron's wife, Kip, was on her very first fishing adventure and wasn't sure if she would enjoy it. After a few tries, she took up her rod and began casting and catching fish like a pro. You would never know that it was her first outing. Everyone caught fish, but Kip showed the guys up that morning! They caught redfish, snook, trout, snapper, sheepshead and a number of other species that day. I think that Kip is now hooked on fishing!

Windy days will continue this month as winter fronts move through the area. Expect each front to bring us closer to wintertime. Fishing will be good the rest of November and provide you with a good variety of fish to catch. Hopefully this winter is like the past few years and give us some mild weather to enjoy. We will see before very long. Have fun and get out fishing soon!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner