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Guidelines / Rules of Conduct

Our forum requires that you sign up to become a member. We do this in order to control content on the board.

1. Please keep the topics in the main forum areas fishing related. There are some instances where we allow post outside topic, but if you find that your post was deleted or moved, it is because we deemed it inappropriate to the section in which you posted, or it was in violation of other rules in this section. We have set up an Off Topic section for open discussion - please post your non-fishing related comments there. 

2. All questions concerning FFF policies and management are addressed offline via email or telephone. Comments concerning deleted post, posting privilege suspensions, or other matters of the administrative nature will be deleted. If you have a question about policy, please email one of our moderators. Again, don't take your problems to the forum - they will be deleted. Please email fff@outdoorsites.net.

3. No foul language. The are a few colorful words we occasionally let slide, but their overuse will result in a warning. There are a few that never need to be used – we don’t need to mention them. Foul language makes the FFF look trashy. When writing, it is very easy to express yourself without cursing. Use **** if you need to. Sponsors make this site possible and it is much easier to get them interested if the site is a little cleaner than your average Internet forum.

4. We promote a friendly atmosphere for anglers to exchange ideas. Differences of opinions are welcome and are an important part of this format. We do not, however, tolerate those that try to start an argument with every post. If you are looking to agitate people, simply to get a response, or if you are a troller, this is not the place for you. Warnings are issued, and if the behavior continues, administrators will revoke posting privileges.

5. No personal attacks – if you disagree with someone, state your case intelligently and back it up with facts. We will not tolerate personal attacks. You will be warned once. If the behavior continues, you will be banned from the forum. DO NOT HARASS PEOPLE WITH EMAIL WHEN YOU HAVE A DISAGREEMENT ON THIS FORUM.

6. Do not try to solve personal problems live on the forum. Most of the members aren't interested in watching you resolve personal problems live on the forum. If you are concerned about an interaction with someone and are interested in resolving it, send them an email (if they offer an email address in their forum profile). If you don't get a response, just let it go. They may not be interested in communicating with you.

7. Racism of any kind will not be tolerated.

8. Guides, fishing related businesses, and other web sites, feel free to promote your services here - the only exception to this rule is promotion of a site that is a direct competitor of the FFF. We consider the guides an asset to the site. If you don't agree with the use of guides, keep that information to yourself. If a guide is just posting his (or her) service, inviting you to check out their web site, let them do so. Hopefully down the road they will offer a few pointers. Guides offer a wealth of information and we want them visiting the site on a regular basis.

9. We cannot allow bashing of our sponsors. They make the FFF possible and we have to respect the fact that they pay our bills. All threads of this nature will be deleted. It is a small price to pay for all the great information on the FFF, and as the man said, "it ain't too smart to bite the hand that feeds ya."

10. When posting items in the "Trading Post - Swap - Classifieds" section, do not use multiple user names to post the same item - also do not post the same item multiple times. If you want to start a new post on an item, delete the old one.

11. Images in signatures: No signature image may be larger than 100 pixels tall by 250 pixels wide. This includes logos, photos and other graphics. Also, no more than 1 row of images are allowed. If you want 4 or 5 logos in your signature, reduce their size to fit in 1 row. A row of signature images must not cause the screen to scroll horizontally.

12. Limit your photo size. If they make the screen scroll, they are too large. 600 pixels wide is the larget you need to go.

13. Do not copy and paste articles from other publications to this site. It is a COPYRIGHT VIOLATION to do so. If you want to reference an article on another web site, post a link.

We will be updating this section occasionally. Again, our goal is an open, clean, and friendly format, but when you have a public board rules have to be established and followed.

Please keep in mind that deleting, moving, editing or locking of your post is not intended to be an attack or insult. These actions are usually to keep the peace, keep the interaction on the board friendly or keep content in the appropriate section. We have been managing Internet forums since 1998 and have become fairly competent at spotting topics that cause problems.

If you have any suggestion concerning our rules of conduct, please email fff@outdoorsites.net.

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