Timmy Horton has announced that his 4 day weight of 69.3 lbs on the Sacramento River BASS Elite Tournament all came on the Klone Crawsome both Carolina Rigged and fished for bedding fish on the Edwin Evers Standup Jig Head. The Klone Crawsome was developed by BASS Elite Pro Kelley Jordon and features flapping craws and infused with BOOM Scent, all exclusive products to Timmy Horton's Profound Outdoors. Check out the Klone Crawsome, The Edwin Evers Standup Jig Head and other exclusive products by clicking the link, www.profoundoutdoors.com/proschoice. Register as a visitor while on the site and we will send the phone number and Passcode for our monthly conference call moderated by Tom Cloer III, with Timmy Horton, Gary Klein, Randy Haynes and other members of our our Profound Outdoors Prostaff including Edwin Evers, Boyd Duckett, Aaron Martens, Cliff Pace, and others.