Are you to the point that standing to fish and run the boat all day has become difficult or impossible?

You could give up running the boat and set in the back and only going fishing when someone else will.

If you are not ready for this then setting down is a partial answer.

But-When you get ready to change locations you cannot see over the seat, which is dangerous,

and-disassembling it in rough water is also. Your balance is probably not what it used to be.

Then-you have the hassle of re-assembling your seat when you get to the next spot.

There is a solution to this situation. It's called the FOLD 'n' GO seat base.

It Attaches to the deck the same way your seat does.

When you are ready to move you lift the locking pin and FOLD the seat down 'n' GO.

At the next spot the seat folds up locks in place and you are ready to fish in seconds.

For more information go to the FOLD 'n' GO website.