Fishing Fort Lauderdale with Topshotfishing and Capt. Zsak

Nick and Kathy Csabi, along with their children, Elena, Elias and Rachael chartered the Topshotfishing team to do some deep sea big game sport fishing in Fort Lauderdale, as well as putting Nick’s father’s ashes to rest in the Gulfstream off of Fort Lauderdale. We had winds out of the east at 15 mph with seas running 2-4 ft., temperatures in the mid 80’s. Our plan was to do some Sailfishing and after the charter, release Nick’s father’s ashes in our beautiful deep sea blue waters off of Fort Lauderdale.

We stopped at T&T Bait to purchase a dozen live Goggle Eyes and thereafter headed east past the sea buoy to 180 ft. of water in Fort Lauderdale. We put out two kites and two live Goggle Eyes from each kite with one live Goggle Eye from the rigger. As the family sat gazing out at the kites, they waited for the black shadow to appear. Dorsal fin and bill out of the water chasing the long left kite bait as the live Goggle Eye frantically tried to escape. The Sailfish ate the live bait, and we were hooked up. The Sailfish immediately came out of the water showing his beautiful neon colors while the sun glistened down on his body. Nick was our angler and he sat in the fighting chair to play a tug of war with the Sailfish. Twenty-five minutes later Nick prevailed as our mate, Dave, led the Sailfish to the side of the boat for picture taking and then was released to fight again.

I reset in the same location and this time a Kingfish skyrocketed five feet out of the water on the right short kite bait. Elias, our 6-year-old angler, reeled in a 12 lb. Kingfish. Dave gaffed the Kingfish and said, “Welcome aboard the Happy Day Today”. From there we reset again. Sailfish – right short!!! Hooked up!!! The Sailfish grabbed the live Goggle Eye, and we were off to the races as the fish headed south of Fort Lauderdale. Rachael was our angler and she did a fantastic job during the thirty-minute battle with her first Sailfish, bringing the Sailfish to the side of the boat. Pictures were taken and the Sailfish was released.

Now it was time to lay Nick’s father’s ashes to rest. Prayers were said and ashes were released into the deep blue sea.

It was time to head back as the tired anglers retired into the a/c salon to relax on the ride back to the dock at Bahia Mar, 801 Seabreeze Blvd. Fort Lauderdale 33316.

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