April has been mild and producing great fishing for anglers inshore and offshore. The water temperatures are rising and the bait schools are starting show. Lets hope April produces lots great fishing action.

The Recent heat and rising water temperatures equals fantastic snook action. Snook are abundant everywhere you look. Docks, seawalls and flats are teaming with schoolie snook and big female snook are on the prowl. Live mullet and greenies great baits for snook lurking along sea walls and docks. Top water heddon spooks great baits to locate and hook up with snook during low light conditions. Heddon super spook in okee shad and bone color great choices for snook anglers. Docks and sea walls and anglers can use DOA C.A.L 3 inch shad in holographic and glow holographic for best bet. The average size of the snook have been from 5 to 25 pounds. Sight fishing for snook is a blast and can easily make an angler tremble and knees buckle, as nerves take over, this is what fishing is all about.

Big Jacks crevelles are roaming local sea walls and flats, these fish are ambushing mullet schools. The jacks are in school and many of them will take any live bait like a mullet, greenie or pinfish in there vicinity. Artificial lures like a DOA C.A.L. 5.5 inch jerk bait in pearl or glow holographic trigger strikes as the bait is work on the surface. Top water heddon spooks work great as well I like to take the treble hooks off and put J hooks on it easier for the fish and the angler.

Grass flats are teaming with bait schools and the snook, trout, jacks, bluefish and others are lurking on the outside of these bait pods. Live baits like greenies and pinfish under a cork work great but a DOA C.A.L. 3 inch shad in pearl or holographic on a 1/8 ounce jig head or a DOA Terror Eyez in pearl green back excellent choice, as you match the hatch.

Freshwater the local lake and canals are full of life as the peacock bass are roaming the sea walls and shorelines. Live shiners and DOA Lures like the new 2.75 inch shrimp in glow and gold rush belly great baits for triggering strikes. Other exotic species like the mayan cichlid, knife fish and other exotics are thriving as the water temperatures begin to rise.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week hope you all enjoyed. Remember you cant catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczynski, PhlatsInshoreFishing.com, 561-644-4371