Calm winds prevailed this past week, making fishing sessions perfect for sight casters. Calm seas have excited anglers as well, allowing many to explore, well offshore. Summer is near and we can only hope these conditions continue, but with a little rain.

The ICW still providing great silver king action, beaches as well are producing great fishing. The tarpon on the beach are ranging in size from 40 to 90 pounds. Live baits like sardines and mullet work great free lined on the surface or a weight added to get bait near bottom works as well. DOA Bait busters and DOA 5 inch swim baits in pearl and green back pearl excellent baits for hooking up with the silver king. The key is fishing early morning and stealth, be very quiet. The fish are schooled up and can be seen near the shorelines rolling in the surface. Always lead the fish and never cast into the pod this will spook them all ending your pursuit to a hook up.

Snook anglers this is the time, the snook are in the inlets and along the beaches. Live bait anglers greenies and sardines work great, but artificial lures are more gratifying, nothing beats a DOA C.A.L. 4 inch jerk baits in bayou tiger or Arkansas glow on a 3/8 ounce jig head to get your drag screaming. DOA C.A.L. 3 inch shad work great as well as they stand out and offer a different silhouette. Docks and seawalls holding fish as well, Heddon Super Spooks in Bone and chartreuse bone color early morning and late afternoon offer explosive action and lead to many fish ranging in the 15 to 25 pound class. The average size of the snook has been 5 to 25 pounds.

The grass flats are offering a plethora of species for angler to tango with, trout, snook, drum, jacks, snapper and a few flounder. Live baits pods are prevalent on the flats using greeines free lined or under a cork will get the rod bent. DOA C.A.L. 3 inch shad in pearl or holographic great bait on a jig head working the edges of the baits schools for great success.

The exotic peacock bass fishing has been on point, peacocks have been in schools around docks, seawalls, bridges and sandy shorelines. Live shiners work for those looking for set out a cork and wait, or you can use heddon spook jr in chartreuse fro explosive surface strikes. Flies like gurglers, poppers and deceivers produce great numbers of fish as well, nothing beats watching these colorful beauties come up and swallow your fly in front and center. DOA shrimp and DOA C.A.L. 3 inch shad in candy corn and fire tiger great colors as they mimic the Mayan cichlids pattern, peacock favorite forage.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week, hope you all enjoyed. Remember you cant catch them from the couch. Tight Lines! Capt. Craig Korczynski,, 561-644-4371