FWC News Release
Media contact: Amber Nabors, 850-487-2706

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), along with its partners the Fishing League Worldwide Foundation and The Bass Federationís Student Angler Federation, strives to maximize the success of high school fishing teams and clubs in Florida with help from a grant by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation. This partnership is focused on increasing participation in high school fishing programs, with a particular emphasis placed on establishing new high school angling teams and supporting existing ones in schools with diverse student populations.

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"We are committed to helping Florida's families and youth fully enjoy healthy outdoor activities such as fishing and boating," said Nick Wiley, executive director of the FWC. "Participating on a high school fishing team is a great way for teenagers to learn more about conservation and boating safety. We are grateful for this opportunity to expand high school fishing within our highly diverse communities of Florida."
This grant will allow the FWC, FLW Foundation and The Bass Federation to combine their efforts to not only increase high school student interest and participation in fishing teams and clubs, but to also provide students and families with important boating and angler safety education. Program participants and families will receive education on conservation programs with an emphasis on enhancing aquatic habitat and sustaining quality fisheries for future generations.

The program will support high school fishing teams and clubs by providing grants of up to $500 to assist with expenses related to club-sponsored tournaments, team jerseys and education for novice anglers. Supported teams and clubs will also partner with the FWC, FLW Foundation and The Bass Federation to complete a conservation project. Online applications should be submitted at www.FLWFishing.com/foundation.

For more information about this program, email Amber Nabors at amber.nabors@myfwc.com. For more information about the Fishing League Worldwide Foundation, go to http://www.flwfishing.com. For information about The Bass Federationís Student Angler Federation, go to www.highschoolfishing.org. Information on the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation is available at www.takemefishing.org, select ďCorporateĒ at the bottom of the page.