Hey all - we're "working snowbirds" and have spent a few winters in the Myrtle Beach, SC area, and nowadays in the Daytona Beach Shores/Port Orange area for a few months each winter. Just wanted to throw out a few places that we enjoy going to, if you find yourself in the area.

These are where a lot of people seem to pull up their boats when we're there. Right on the Halifax, at Ponce Inlet are a few really nice places to come ashore - or, like in our case, ride our bikes to - for atmosphere, cold brews and nice appetizers (since our wallets aren't quite thick enough for full meals haha) - Our favorite is Hidden Treasures, and 2nd fave is Inlet Harbor (more expensive I think). Further up river, in the Shores is Boondocks - VERY casual, and it's also where a number of local guides operate from. Just an FYI!