NorChill Coolers has just launched a new line of stainless steel tumblers. They're double-walled, vacuum sealed, and blow molded from a single piece of steel (unlike those other tumblers that are made in two pieces and can come apart or lose the vacuum seal). These tumblers go great with NorChill's Dual Temp insulated cooler bags for boat outings. In our tests of the cups here in the office, we've filled them with ice at 8am on one day and when we get back the next morning and pour out the water, there's still ice in the bottom 1/3 of the cup. Even when the ice has fully melted, the water stays cold for hours afterward, even when left in a truck in the hot Florida sun in the middle of Summer. They're really, really amazing!

There are three BOGO deals running right now.

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If you want an extra colored lid, a paracord handle, a 4-pack of steel straws with cleaning brush, and a discount on weatherproof, dishwasher safe vinyl stickers to personalize your mugs, check out these deals.

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If you need more info, here's a playlist of videos that goes over the features and accessories.

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