We figure there are a handful of folks on Florida Fishing Forum who are hunters as well as boaters and/or who would be interested in a deal on Realtree Xtra patterned camo cooler bags from NorChill.

From now through October 31st, NorChill is offering a 20% off coupon code deal on our line of rugged, high-performance camouflage coolers.

These coolers are the real deal. We licensed the Realtree Xtra pattern for our cooler fans who hunt or who just like camo on everything. They blend right in with your surroundings and keep your food hot (or cold), drinks cold (or hot), and even dressed game fresh while you're still out in the field (toss in a couple of NorChill cooler shock ice packs if you're going to be out for several days).

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And, of course, you can use 'em on your boat. Though, we do recommend the BoatBag for marine use.

Just go to NorChillCoolers.com and pick out one or more of your desired sizes, enter the coupon code FALL2016 at checkout, and save 20% on the entire order.

Here's a video about the coolers.

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