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A lot of people think of the swim jig as a "new" bait when, in actuality, and like many other baits, it is another "old" bait that is experiencing a come back and working its way around. It is also not a specific head or configuration but rather an action of the method of fishing it. My Swim Jig can be used in a wide variety of ways and places and it's special features allows for this versatility. Pitch it, Flip it, jig it, Swim or just place put it into the nastiest places you can find and you will want it in your box all season long! Most commonly it is a very simple method where you just throw it out and reel it back in and variations inlcude: retrieve rate, depth , trailer addition and imparted action such as a "pause" or "snap". My favorite application is to use a 3" single tail grub as a trailer and slow swim it in and around docks here on Table Rock.

Swim Jig profile:

*My swim jig is constructed with a head known commonly as a "grass Jig", designed to slide and swim through obstructions such as grass and has a skirt and trailer retainer.

*The hook is positioned at an appropriate 28 degree angle to provide an even forward swimming path and a powerful hook set .

*The hook is a 28 degree Mustad Ultra-Point Hook(MONSTER HOOK!) , black nickel, 2X extra heavy wire, wide bend... Size 5/0 in all weight models: 5/16, 3/8 & 1/2 oz. (you can choose between an extra wide gap and a straight shank version and there is also a trornament line which is wire tied and has double rattles).

*The skirt is 100% silicone and 50 strand.

*The head is powder painted and baked for exceptional durability.

*The weed guard is set with two part epoxy and medium weight.

Hand crafted in the Ozarks at the time you place your order.

Over this past year my best selling color patterns have been: #1. Tom's Bluegill, #2. Sexy Shad, and #3 G. Ville Craw . There must be a reason that these are the favorites and you can find these and your favorites at .

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