The hinges are made from retired, heavy duty fire hose sized and punched to the dimensions of standard hinges (Igloo part# 24012). They fit rectangular-shaped hinged Igloo coolers from 25-165 quarts. Hundreds have been sold on eBay with great reviews and many return customers. eBay listing New web site - ----Patent Pending----

Best choice when compared to plastic and expensive stainless hinges:
Hinges will outlast your cooler (see testing info in eBay listing or web site)
Hinges are not damaged by impact with walls, truck beds, ect.
Molded ribs in fire hose improve abrasion resistance
Fire hose materials are resistant to mildew and UV rays
Flexibility provides tension for tighter lid closure
Flexibility provides tolerance of weight on lid when using cooler for a seat
Fire hose material is tested for extreme temperatures (-35 F to 1200 F)
Cost less than stainless or hybrid (stainless/plastic) hinges

These are a direct replacement for the common white or black plastic hinges and the more expensive stainless versions.

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