Greetings everyone and anyone!

So I grew up on the intercoastal, Merritt Island actually. Whenever we took the boat out we pushed a button and dropped the boat in the water so I have little towing experience. I have fished over the past year though in a small jon boat that I did trailer everywhere I went.

OK, so here is my question, I just bought a Mako 17ft skiff that weighs in at 1,900 lbs. trailer and all. I have a Ford F150 six cylinder with a limited slip two wheel drive to pull it with. The boat ramps around here (North Central Florida) are all slime free (for the most part) deeply grooved concrete and are not too steep. Should I be concerned about pulling the boat out of the water? I figure putting it in won't be a problem : )

I know there are a lot of guys out there that will say never pull a boat with anything but a 4x4, but this is what I have, and I figure 17ft weighing less than 2,000lbs should be OK. Am I wrong?