Hi All
First post on here after finding your site....
I´m from Manchester, England and am taking a rare visit to the US with work mid January, up in Pennsylvania.
Have decided on spending an extra week your side and fly down to Miami last week in January with a plan on doing some shore fishing along the Keys for 6-7 days. I do like my fishing but just can´t stump up the money needed for a professional guide so aim to just fish from the shore.
I also guess January may not be the best time of month but still, is an opportunity I can´t miss.
Has any of you guys any tips on where to base myself and tactics...?
I´m not looking for any monsters just something different than what we have our side, Barracuda, Jacks, Tarpon, anything really.
Welcome any feedback / guidance anyone can drop my way.
And thanks in advance too