Went out of Venice again (before the crappy weather) since it has been treating me so well. Well it didn't disappoint as usual!

Went 50-100 yards from the beach right out of the jetties and loaded up the live well with pinfish and grouper candy on a sabiki rig. Then we battened down the hatches for the long trip out. Once we got there we first stopped at a spot where it was loaded up with grouper last time. Only to catch a bunch of shorts and more bait. So we went to where the main spot is, 100 yards away or so, and started hooking up instantly to amberjack, red snapper, reg grouper, big mangrove snapper and a pesky shark.

This was at the usual spot 50 miles out in 150 feet of water. Water temp was between 70 and 72 degrees.

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Offshore Bottom Fishing Venice, FL