Hey guys!
My name is Nick and I'm a 28 y.o Swede. I've been fishing since I was a kid - with experiences ranging from freshwater fishing in Sweden, to giant halibut in Norway and bluefin tuna in croatia.
Now, me and my fiancee are flying to Florida to spend a few weeks of vacation in June.
Considering I've never fished in the states, I am a total novice and would appreciate all the help I could get.

Between 16-23th of June I'll be staying in Hollywood beach and hope to do some surf fishing, pier fishing and perhaps go out on any of the drift boats.
I'll be bringing a couple of travelrods with an assortment of tackle.

Any tips on of what species are hot in June, types of baits, locations, etc. are much appreciated.

If anyone is interested in meeting up to trade some fishing stories over some casts (or beers), I'm all for it!

Best regards,