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Live Streaming for Your Sonar
Aqua-Vu’s Multi-Vu XD™ Camera supplements sonar with live underwater imagery

Among the ever-expanding array of fish-finding technology, a definitive piece of underwater intel has fallen perfectly into place: Add live Aqua-Vu underwater video to your sonar display and suddenly, your lake-wide perspective is complete.

“Displaying underwater video on my main fish-finding unit provides instant verification of what I’m seeing on sonar,” says professional bass angler Mark Lassagne. “If sonar marks a fish, I can quickly drop the Aqua-Vu and see if it’s a bass, as opposed to a carp or other species. I can also uncover fish hiding in heavy brush or grass; these fish aren’t always possible to discern on the meter (sonar).”

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The Multi-Vu XD™ Underwater Camera Adaptor System

The Aqua-Vu® Multi-Vu XD™ Underwater Camera Adaptor System upgrades any analog-video enabled sonar or LCD with live, color video functionality. Run underwater video side-by-side with a digital mapping window and drop waypoints on individual big fish. Play live Aqua-Vu imagery simultaneously with sonar and remove all the question marks. The new Aqua-Vu is perfect for boat-mounted sonar displays or a TV inside a wheeled ice-fishing shelter.

“The Multi-Vu is a powerful tool for tournament prefishing,” adds Lassagne, who scouts with underwater optics on West Coast bass waters, such as Clear Lake and the California Delta. “I kind of hide the camera in boat storage when I’m not using it so other anglers don’t discover my little trick,” he laughs.

To identify East Coast stripers and other saltwater species, Tom Pitasi, pro ambassador for Raymarine, has rigged a Multi-Vu XD camera with his Axiom Pro unit. “Connecting the Multi-Vu to my Axiom display is super easy, and so is adding an Aqua-Vu camera app. I can even set it up so I have full screen underwater video, or split video and chart, or sonar.”

Pitasi adds that with multiple, networked Axiom displays, he can also see the live underwater image on any unit in his boat. “The Axiom also lets me record video or take digital stills,” he says. “The camera is just a fun, useful tool to have on board, at all times—it’s a great combination with the Axiom Pro.”

Fully sealed and functional in fresh- and saltwater, the patent-pending Aqua-Vu XD camera housing features versatile underwater viewing options. Connected to the camera’s Quick-Attachment™ Slide Rail, XD accessories (sold separately) offer various underwater perspectives.

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Stabilizing the camera while trolling or drifting, the XD Trolling Fin lets the user view the underwater terrain in a wide variety of angles—forward, reverse, down, up or diagonally. The Trolling Fin also includes the Aqua-Vu Live Strike™ accessory, which attaches to a fishing line for viewing lures and fish response in real time.

Complete with 75-feet of 200-pound test cable and equipped with adjustable infrared LEDs, the Multi-Vu XD underwater camera displays a bright, vivid picture, even in stained or deep water. Complete Multi-Vu XD Underwater Camera Adaptor System (MSRP $349.99) includes Camera Control Module with On/Off Switch, IR Light dimmer, RCA video out and 12-volt Power Cable.

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