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Buzz Baits Do Not Have To Be Buzzed
BOOYAH introduces a slow retrieve buzz bait

The nature of buzz baits is a big bait with a big blade that has to scream across the surface, or sink. The bait raises such a commotion that bass simply can't resist but the angler is forced to practically blaze the bait across the water, often to the detriment of the presentation. The new BOOYAH® Squelcher™ is a typical size buzz bait that is designed to be "buzzed" slower without sinking.

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The Squelcher has a quick-planing head with a keel configured to keep the bait running true. The unique S-curved blade is the secret to the slow retrieve capability. The blade cups more water producing a bit more drag. This added drag permits the Squelcher to be worked much slower, extending time in the strike zone.

Added features include an oversized 7mm bead in front of the blade to help keep the bait weed free. Thicker wire and oversized 5/0 hook, complete with bait keeper for use of a trailer, produce a stronger bait for a more solid hook set. To add to the buzz, the Squelcher's blade nestles into the rivet to produce a piercing squelching sound and the blade ticks the frame with each counter-clockwise rotation for added reverberation and vibration.

The 5.6-inch buzz bait is offered in 3/8- and 1/2-ounce versions and six colors.

Learn more about the BOOYAH Squelcher at www.booyahbaits.com and www.lurenet.com.

Length: 5.6 inches Weight: 3/8 and 1/2 ounce Hook: 5/0 Colors: Black, Citrus Shad, River Killer, Tinfoil, Silver White and White Chartreuse MSRP: $7.99