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Lindy Introduces Revolutionary New Glow Spoon

Lindy® Fishing Tackle's revolutionary Glow Spoon gives hardwater anglers a new secret weapon for attracting fish and triggering strikes with the most appealing combination of color, light, sound and action to ever hit the ice.

"Lindy's new Glow Spoon is so unique and so deadly, the fish just annihilate it," says veteran guide Jon Thelen, host of Lindy's award-winning Fish ED TV series.

Thelen put Glow Spoon prototypes to the test for a variety of species last winter while filming action for the show's 2018 Ice Fishing programming, which airs on Fox Sports North and Fox Sports Wisconsin, Sundays at 8:30 a.m. starting the first Sunday in December.

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"Replaceable glowing light sticks enable the new Glow Spoon to illuminate the underwater world, making it easy for predators to find and attack," Thelen explained. "Plus, the Glow Spoon is made from a durable, ABS material that is used in many crankbait applications, so the light radiates in the color of the lure. This gives anglers a dozen color choices, allowing us to cover the spectrum with an array of different hues, all with the same light stick."

By using ABS instead of traditional metals, Lindy lure designers were also able to give the Glow Spoon a unique shape that produces an erratic, strike-triggering action. "Dimples on the bottom of the spoon give it a swimming motion on the drop that walleyes, crappies and other gamefish can't resist," Thelen said.

The Glow Spoon also features tungsten rattles, which emit fish-attracting sounds and vibrations to call curious predators from a distance - while providing the necessary ballast to deliver the spoon to the strike zone.

Lindy Glow Spoons are available in 1/16-, 1/8- and ¼-ounce sizes, all armed with red treble hooks perfect for tipping with your favorite live bait. Glow Spoons come in 12 eye-catching colors, including Red Scale, Fire Tiger, Pink Scale, Blue Scale, Rainbow, Golden Perch, Clown, Gold Scale, Porchlight, Chartreuse Scale, Emerald and Orange Tiger.

Each Glow Spoon package carries an MSRP of $6.99 and includes a Glow Spoon, three replaceable glow sticks that last for hours, and a handy tool for easy glow stick removal. Glow sticks are also sold separately in convenient three-pack refills with a suggested retail of $1.99 per pack.