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Catfish are flat out tough and catching them requires a special touch. Expert fisherman know that a line must cut through water to reach catfish in difficult positions. Sometimes additional line capacity is beneficial for long runs. The line also must have incredible strength and abrasion resistance to handle hard fighting catfish without breaking down over time and yet be extremely sensitive for control and bite detection.

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New Cortland Catfish Braid is an exciting new addition to the braid lineup. Catfish Braid has incredible sensitivity that responds to the softest strikes, ensuring you are prepared to set the hook. Once hooked-up, the line has incredible shock strength and resilience to withstand all that a trophy cat can dish out as it moves through log jams and around jagged rocks. Even the lightest, 20-lb test option will still hold strong against monster catfish and snag ridden rivers and lakes. Most pound test ratings are double the strength of mono at a similar diameter. Cortland Catfish Braid provides the perfect balance of strength and controlled stretch to absorb shock when a big cat makes a run. For catfish, pound for pound, you just can't beat Cortland's braid material.

The ability to cut through water and get down in the zone quickly is a huge advantage. The 8 strands of woven synthetic fiber create a line much thinner in diameter than monofilament or fluorocarbon lines, allowing your rig to slice through currents and get down deep. Cutting through current not helps achieve better sink rates, it also maximizes control and precision delivery. Unlike larger diameter lines that are influenced by currents and drag out of position, Cortland Catfish Braid is easy to control and drop into the perfect position so that your bait lands closer to the strike-zone.

Catfish Braid is available in hi-vis yellow and a unique mud brown color so that anglers have two distinct options. Mud brown blends into the environment and camouflages perfectly, whereas hi-vis yellow is ideal for long casts and monitoring line location in the water.

Ultra-tough and abrasion resistant
Thin diameter cuts through current
Sinks better than most braids
High shock absorption for large fish
Lb. Test: 20 lb., 30 lb., 50 lb., 65lb. & 80 lb.
Lengths: 165 yd (20, 30, 50 lb.); 125 yd (50 lb.); 90 yd (80 lb.)
Color: Mud Brown or Hi-vis Yellow
Available to ship January, 2019

For more information, please visit: cortlandline.com