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Cortland's new Ultralight fly lines maximize sensitivity for precision casting with the highest level of loop control. The line series is the ultimate tool for delicate presentations and weary fish. Available in 2-6 weight models for trout and other selective freshwater species.

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Cortland incorporated a three-color-scheme design for easy taper identification. This provides a visual mark to anglers so they can more accurately load the rod. The color configuration also works as a visual aid for judging distance while casting. The long front taper develops smooth casts and controlled loops while working out the correct line length and judging the presentation. The ultralight design is supple for mending and making adjustments after the cast. It lands softly and is less likely to spook trout in soft water conditions.

The 2 and 3 weight lines have an 80-foot length and the 4-6 weight lines have a 90-foot length. All lines are built around a sturdy braided nylon multifilament core. Aqua green, dark green and pale yellow color options provide choices to match preference and your fishing environment.

You will be hard pressed to find an ultra-light fly line that loads your rod on long casts and delivers the softest possible presentations. The ability to gauge distance and lay down the perfect cast is easier with the Ultralight line series. Pair the Ultralight with your favorite fiberglass, bamboo or graphite rod for the perfect combination of durability and technical performance.

Ultralight line features a long front taper for very delicate presentations and precise loop control.

Extremely Fine Front Taper
Thinner Overall Diameter
Delicate Presentations
Sizes: 2-3 wt. (80'), 4-6 wt. (90')
Core: Braided Nylon Multifilament
Color: Aqua Green/Dark Green/Pale Yellow
MSRP: $89.95

For more information, please visit: cortlandline.com