www.jigs4bass.com Short Arm Spinnerbaits

If you enjoy fishing spinnerbaits you need to take a look at the short arm models I offer. These are available in 1\2, 3\4, & 1 ounce and I use quality components: Mustad 5\0 spinnerbait hooks, Worth ball bearing swivels, heads are powder painted and baked, skirts are all silicone and wire tied to prevent "slip down" and blades are premium deep cupped Colorado blades to produce maximum thump and sized to balance the bait.. Each is produced when you order them with attention to detail and made to be "tough".

Even though this may be considered an old bait by some it is still versatile and has many applications today. Short Arm Spinnerbaits are proven in catching bass effectively at night as well as during the day in muddy conditions, and in deep water situations and when fishing ledges. Dark colors increase silhouette visibility when viewed from below and against the waters surface while night fishing or fishing dark water. Light colors are used by some on moon out nights when visibility increases and while daylight fishing in deep, clear water and ledges or staying deep and running the bait slowly.

All of this and a great bait for $4.99 each! You gotta try these so put a few in your box by taking a look at my store at www.jigs4bass.com . Great prices , great turn around , quality baits and we accept credit cards, money order, personal check and cash! Look around and register an account while you are there...... You can't go wrong with these baits. Thanks, Michael


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