KW'08 just got underway and they are still accepting team submissions for another month or so. There are quite a few teams from the Western Gulf but still needing at least a couple more 3-5 man teams from Florida for the 2008 Kayak Wars. Each team has an automated page displaying each catch they submit along with species/points, and fish counts. Entry is free and it is basically a friendly tournament style event that last from March-November. There is a fast, easy submission system and it automatically keeps track of points/species/pictures etc. Last year a FL team won it but the Texas boys plan on giving them a run for their money. There will be quite a few nice prizes given at the end of the year for the top teams, new record holders, and special achievements etc.

Overall it is a lot of fun, its free, and you are likely to get free prizes and gear out of it.

You can check out and sign up for Kayak Wars here...

Any other questions can be sent via PM to me.
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