Just put these in my store www.jigs4bass.com flipn/pitchn jigs (stand up head) and $2.99 each!

Mustad, ultra-point , black nickel hook(4\0 in 1\4 oz & 5/0 in the rest.) Constructed with 2X heavy duty wire and round bend.

Available in weights: 1/4, 3/8, 1\2, ¾ & 1 oz.

Wedge shape head to find its way through brush, cables, rocks .. You name it!

Powder painted and baked for durability.

50 strand, all silicone skirt, banded and HAND TIED WITH WIRE!

Trailer keeper and weed guard.

Give them something different to look at! Thanks, Michael


DSCN3934.JPGhead match 3.JPGhead match 2.JPGhead match 4 - Copy.JPG