Mullet run! Fun fishing but a big spectacle. Fish get picky with all the bait around but when you do hook up a fun and lots of fun watching waves of bait shower.

Snook fishing is good along seawalls and bridges. Early morning late afternoon provide the best bite. Top water Rapala skitter walks provide explosive action for anglers. Snook are holding in schools and are starting to navigate there way to back waters ambushing boat schools.

Tarpon fishing has been incredible in the palm beaches. Anglers are experiencing tarpon in size form 10 to 80 pounds using love mullet and a DOA BaitBuster. Schools of tarpon can be found near bait pods, also near channel edges were fish are willing to strike quickly.

Big jacks are invading the ICW crashing bait school parties. These jacks are ferocious, willing to take top water plugs and live baits. Schools of jacks in the five pound range corral bait schools striking them with vengeance.

Freshwater fishing has been great for peacock bass targeting them along seawalls and docks. Clown knife fish have also been in the mix taking live in dead baits along channel edges. Largemouth bass fishing Is heating up as waters cool from the rain,targeting bass on deeper ledges and shorelines has created nice catches for anglers.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week, hope you all enjoyed. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight lines!, 561-644-4371. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.