Richard Strom and his grandsons were down in Fort Lauderdale for some deep-sea fishing. Everyone arrived around 7:30 am excited, and we departed from Bahia Mar aboard the 52’ Hatteras Sportfish. The first mate and I welcomed the boys and went over the fishing tackle and a game plan of which fish to target for the day.

Within 20 minutes of leaving the dock, we were already in a few hundred feet of water with lines in. We had good fishing conditions with 2-to-3-foot seas and an easterly wind.

I started fishing two deep lines and four surface lines. We have been catching some Mahi Mahi and Tuna. They have been anywhere from 300 of water out to 600 feet of water, and we were searching for weed lines and diving birds. As we were heading offshore, we started getting bites. The first hit was on the deep planner line, and the guys reeled in a nice Tuna. The area had a good amount of weed and floating debris. As we were circling the area, the surface lines started to get hits. We had Mahi Mahi on the line, and my young anglers started fighting them. Once they were alongside the boat, the first mate reached over with the long handle gaff and both fish were in the boat. We continued trolling the area hooking and catching another couple of Mahi Mahi and Tuna. This area was hard to leave as every other pass across the weed line we were hooking Mahi and Tuna, but now it was time to try kite fishing for a Sailfish.

I ran closer to the drop off in 150 feet of water around a sunken shipwreck. The mate deployed two kites, and we were fishing two baits per kite. We also sent down a Snapper line on a bottom rod. Within 20 minutes of fishing, we had a couple of Mahis up and feeding on the live baits.
The angler fed the fish and came tight hooking up the Mahi. After a good fight on stand-up tackle, the anglers had the fish up alongside the boat and the mate gaffed the fish and in the fish box. We sent the baits back out patiently working and maintaining the baits. All of a sudden, the right long live Goggle eye started freaking out swimming and splashing around frantically then right in the mouth of a full-grown Sailfish. The angler gave the Sailfish about 15 second drop back then came tight reeling fast. The Sailfish started jumping out of the water and giving us an awesome air show. The Sailfish would run a bunch of line off the reel, and after some positive gains, the angler brought the Sailfish alongside the boat. The first mate reached down and grabbed the fish for a quick photo, and we placed a release tag in the top shoulder. Back in the water and the Sailfish swam away happy and healthy.

Now it was time to head back to the dock. After a successful day catching Mahi Mahi, Tuna and a Sailfish, we docked the boat and sent the charter home with some fresh fish. To book your deep sea fishing adventure contact Capt. Dave Zsak at 954-439-8106

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Owner/ Captain Tom Zsak