Moderate winds this past week have driven bait and seaweed into the palm beaches. Water temperatures have been great allowing for a steady bite.

Snook continue to ambush baits along points and near docks and seawalls. Moving water great areas to find snook, live baits and DOA C.A.L. 3” shad tail great baits to get the snook to strike. Schooling snook are being found along channel edges, these fish tend to feed on the top and lower ends of the tide. DOA terror eyz great bait to get the linesiders attention.

Silver king reign supreme for anglers. Acrobatic drag screamers are always a fan favorite. Tarpon continue to strike live baits and DOA Terror Eyz along channel edges. Juvenile tarpon are active along mangrove edges. Big tarpon are being found in the inlets outgoing tide best time to target those fish.

Other species like sharks, jacks, snappers are adding to the fun as anglers enjoy the plethora of species caught on an outing.

Well that is the report for the past week hope you all enjoyed, remember you can’t catch them from the couch. So get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines!, visit us on Facebook and Instagram.