Mid July has brought moderate winds for our area making beach and inlet fishing tough at times. Outgoing tides brought strong tides and dirty water, but the fish still wiling to chew, just had to find the right zones.

Tarpon main target for anglers the past week enjoyed a decent bite plenty of hook ups and heart breaks as fish broke off and frustration dealing with all the sea weed in areas tarpon gathered. Schooling tarpon ranged in size from 20 to 90 pounds making for great drag screaming action on light tackle.

Snook continue to gather in passes and channels but windy conditions made it tough to target fish in open water. Sea walls, docks and back water holes offered many shots at linesiders. Evening trips offered many shots at snook near docks lights, fly anglers success came while using small deciever flies in white to get the strike.

The palm beaches always offer a plethora of species for anglers to target, do to windy conditions finding the area with bait makes for steady action. Sharks, mackerel, snapper, jacks, triple tail just a few species anglers got to tango with. Some days anglers caught 15 to 20 different species.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week hope you all enjoyed. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines!


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