Trout Bite Heats Up As Temperature Heats Up

The wind continues to be an adversary on the water. Most days lately have included high winds that make fishing a little harder. The good news is the water level in the rivers has increased making more places available to everyone.

Recent trips have included a variety of fish but the most common catch has been Spotted Sea Trout. Rip Tide plastics have led the way in putting fish in the boat. My favorite, the three inch mullet in glow, electric chicken, and silver mullet have been the most productive.

Omaha resident Keith and his wife Rita joined me one day on the Banana River with high hopes for some redfish action. Unfortunately that didn’t happen but the trout bite did light up later in the day. The couple was joined by their daughter Audrey and her friend Mike for the days outing.

Water temperatures in the low 70’s in the morning were replaced by the high 70’s after about 11:00 and it seemed to trigger a much improved bite by the trout. Up to that point we had only a couple of trout but the last two hours of the trip resulted in numerous trout for all the anglers.

Although the majority of the trout came on the three inch Rip Tide Mullet and some came on the flats chub in golden glow, the larger trout came on the new Rip Tide Curtailer in the glow color. Rigged on a Rip Tide Pro Jig Head the Curtailer, with its ultra kick tail just seemed to get the attention of the larger trout and for some reason was not as susceptible to the puffers. After Keith caught a couple of trout in the 15 inch range everyone else wanted one too.

Keith and Mike had both indicated they enjoyed live bait fishing but with not much happening they both willingly switched to artificials. Then, for several hours they contently and successfully tossed plastics to bring a good number of fish to the boat. The days catch included numerous trout, lady fish, and the biggest fish of the day, a six pound Gaff Top Sail Cat that Mike caught on a Rip Tide Mullet.

Don’t forget the ladies. They were doing their share of the catching along the way as well. Both Rita and Audrey put their share of fish in the boat. When the time came to end the trip and head for the ramp Audrey said she had to make one more cast. The result, pictured below, was the largest trout of the day. A Banana River beauty going about 17 inches. The fish came on a Rip Tide 3 inch Silver Mullet. You never know what that last cast will bring. Nice job Audrey, I love those anglers who never really want to quit!

Just before time to call it a day, Rita reached into the cooler and brought out a banana. I had to explain to her that our fishing would have most likely been more productive if she had left the bananas at home. Always do everything you can to make your day more productive, and that includes leaving the bananas at home. Oh well, in this case it looked too good and I had one too!

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Safety Note

The world we live in today requires we take certain safety precautions to protect our property. This week a boat trailer was stolen a ramp I frequently use. It was a vivid reminder of the need to protect our property. If you don’t have a lock for your trailer, get one - then use it regularly so you do not become a victim of a similar crime. This theft took place in broad daylight after a fellow guide had hit the water with his clients. He came back to the dock to find he had no trailer to tow the boat home. It could be you next, so take the necessary precautions.

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I hope to talk to you real soon with great fishing reports from Florida’s Space Coast.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.

Capt. Ron Presley