Get Out Your Plastics for Spring Trout

Three days on the water and three windy days. The wind has continued to blow like it was still March; nevertheless there were some trout to be caught.

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All week long the Rip Tide Mullet, Rip Tide Curtailer, and Rip Tide Flats Chub have worked well on Banana River Sea Trout. All were fished on ¼ ounce jig heads. Brothers Greg and Tom are shown in the picture below holding trout caught on the Rip Tide Curtailer. Andy in the background had just lost a trout which would have made a triple catch for the visiting brothers had it not gotten off at the boat.

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The most productive colors were the Fire Tiger for the Curtailer, Electric Chicken and Silver Mullet for the 3 inch mullet, and Gold ’n Glow for the Flats Chub.

A slow retrieve while lifting the rod tip and then letting it fall was used to tempt the many trout bites of the week. The trout would almost always strike on the fall.

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The mullet have not yet showed up in large numbers, when they do the fishing should get even better.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.

Capt. Ron Presley