May 15, 2008


May has brought us some great fishing around the river and the usual conditions to test your fishing skills, too. I had to get out today in spite of what the weather predicted for winds. It was a mostly a scouting trip for redfish. Mornings aren't too bad to fish around the river and top water works well this time of year. Look to the islands to give you plenty of areas to fish and use the wind to your advantage. May will continue to give us warmer water and great fishing action on the Treasure Coast.

Redfish was my target this week and I found several small schools feeding around on the flats. Look in the shallow water this time of year. They will most likely not show themselves and slip off unseen, but whenever the opportunity for sight casting come's a very exciting way to fish! I lost one upper slot redfish near the boat and watched three lazily swim in front of the boat and boated one 28" redfish while sight casting to them. I only stayed a couple hours, but did find my target to try this weekend. I like to use smaller soft baits, like the DOA CAL grub tails when fishing shallow. The fish are rooting around on the bottom and these lures can entice them into a strike. May and June have traditionally been very good for redfish on the river. Stealth and patience can provide some good rewards!

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This 28" redfish was suckered by a DOA CAL grub tail on the shallow flats south of Fort Pierce this week.

Snook feeding on the many baitfish around the river. Watch for bait being chased and it will more than likely be a snook, trout or jack creating the havoc on the flats. Only a short time left this month to catch that slot snook! There have been some snook taken around the bridges and inlet at night, but with the weather it has been a little quieter this week out there. Live pinfish or mullet has been a good choice for bait.

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Another recent redfish that was fooled by a DOA CAL shad tail around the Fort Pierce docks...

Trout have been caught up around Queen's Cove and Round Island. I spoke to an angler at the ramp who had caught several nice trout on top water at first light. Watch for nervous baitfish on the flats. There is usually something lurking around them! Top water early and jerk baits as the sun rises will give you a good chance at a hookup.

Bridges have been slow this week. Some sheephead and snapper, but a quiet week for fishing those areas. Jetties have held mackerel, bluefish and jacks. The Surf has produced whiting ,bluefish and a few scattered pompano when fishable. As the winds finally die off for the summer, look for fishing to continue to improve around the river. I love this time of year on the river!

Tip of the Week:

I plan each trip around weather, tides and winds. I set up the equipment for my first two stops on the water. Always a top water, soft bait and suspending lure ready for any opportunity that presents itself. You already know where you plan to start fishing and being ready for that first cast can save you valuable fishing time. When I am done fishing an area, I have the gear set up for the next place I plan on fishing. Certain colors or lures for redfish flats and different set ups for trout flats. A little preparation ahead of time can give you more fishing time on the water. Have a great May out there!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner