Banana River Trout Bite Going Strong

The wind has not stopped blowing, but it hasn’t hurt the early morning trout bite. Top water lures have produced spotted seatrout consistently, up to about 9:00. After that, switch over to your favorite plastics to continue the fun. The bigger fish are more likely from first light until 7:30 or 8:00 but the smaller ones have been willing to bite most of the day.

A pink colored X-Rap, a color I don’t use that often, seemed to out produce other colors on a recent trip. Once we changed to Rip Tide Mullet and Curtailers, the color didn’t seem to matter as much as the retrieve.

Rig either a Rip Tide Mullet or a Curtailer on ¼ ounce Pro Jig Head and vary the retrieve until you find what works and stick with it until the bite stops. Then, vary the retrieve again until you find another pattern.

Good friends Lari and Tim were visiting from Minnesota last week with an eye toward catching some redfish. Both were excellent casters and never gave up, throwing artificial baits all day long. Although the redfish avoided us, many trout were caught and released by the pair of anglers. Lari added a snook, a huge ladyfish, and a jack crevalle for a little variety in bending the rod.

We pushed hard for that single red that would have made an East Coast Slam, but it continued to elude us.

There are more mullet in the river this week than last and that should only mean better fishing ahead.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.

Capt. Ron Presley