Unreal amount of Cobia around! I was catching so many Cobes I couldn't keep track on Sat the 11th.

Launched at Bayport and was within a mile of shore the entire time. Caught a huge (at least I feel it was huge) 4.5+ foot Longnose Gar, that dude still had gear in his mouth from weeks before! I was getting snapped off frequently in that area even with steel leaders and it seems he may have been the culprit since my gear was still in his pie-hole! Never seen one that thick or long before. He dwarfed my 38" Check-It stick and dude was 8' or 9' in diameter.

Also hooked 4 or 5 keeper trout & about a dozen cats.

At one point I had 4 rods out with 4 reels zinging and had 4 cobes on! 1 on squid under a float, 2 on cut bait and 1 on live pinfish.

Awesome day of fishing. Put in at 7am and was worn out and loading up by 11:30am!