May 23, 2008


Someone forgot to tell Mother Nature that it was May and not March! We continue to see windy days and finally got some rain to help the area a little. We ended up braving some challenging conditions on some days and ended up getting wet one of those days. This weather will continue for now and at least we will have a chance at rain showers most afternoons to try and green up the grass a little. The river has remained clean in spite of the winds.

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Sandy Langler holding a 26" gator trout he caught on the grass flats with brother, Todd admiring his catch...

Mike McCann and his son, simply known as "L", were down and we fought some windy weather to get a chance at some fish. Mike's son ended up with a big ladyfish and lost a slot redfish to end a blustery day. He is gonna be a great fisherman! Nick Palladino and Mick Howells were up to fish this week, and we found a few places that were fishable. Mick found a 25" snook under one of the Fort Pierce docks and Nick boated a nice trout later in the day. Our day was cut a little short after some thunderclouds surrounded us. Sandy and Todd Langler stopped by the area this week to fish. We missed a number of good hits before Sandy boated a 26" gator trout. They also boated several mangrove snapper before the day was done. It was a tough week to try and beat the wind, but we did have some great fun out there trying!

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LJ holding a ladyfish he caught while fishing the Indian River this week...

Live pinfish and pigfish have done well this week. Shrimp bought out the cats, jacks and pins around the flats. The river is loaded down with baitfish just about everywhere we have fished. The predators have been on the flats giving chase. It has been hard to spot redfish lately, but they are out there. As we finally get to summer conditions, look for sight fishing to greatly improve. We fished from Round Island to south of Bear Point this week. Try around the docks and grass flats to the south and Queen's Cove to the north.

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Nick Palladino found this seatrout along the flats of the Indian River....

The inlet was boiling with Spanish mackerel this week and that means bluefish and jacks as well. Remember that snook fishing is almost over.....May 31st is the last day. The bridges have been on the slow side of late. We should see a surge in fishing this last weekend of snook season. The beaches have held some pompano, bluefish, mackerel and whiting for those anglers. Just off the beaches have held some kings, permit and bonita. The jetties have been producing jacks and bluefish mostly. Looking forward to next weeks fishing adventures!

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Mick Howells found this 25" snook hiding under a Fort Pierce dock....

Tip of the Week: Take a few minutes one day and check out your First Aid Kit. At some point during the year it will be used for cuts, scrapes and assorted mishaps aboard the boat. Check out the contents and replenish any items that are missing, old or low in quantities. If you don't have is a good idea to get one. Accidents can happen anytime and it pays to have the equipment to handle most situations that might occur.

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner