May 29, 2008


Summer has surely arrived here on the Treasure Coast. Temperatures in the nineties and afternoon rains this past week are good signs of that! We had some fun out on the water this week. Seen lots of fish and caught a few trophies to show off. It was some great weather and the winds have finally slowed down to allow fishing areas that have been hard to reach lately. The fish are out there and it's a great time of year to fish the Indian River.

I had the pleasure to meet some great people this week and renew friendships with a few also. Chad and Jessica Wenger were visiting from Pennsylvania this week and we had some fun on the water. Lillian and Wayne Foisey were down from Long Island to enjoy a scenic tour of the area. Wayne and I fished the next day. Jessica ended up being the angler of the week though!

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Jessica Wenger showing off her 28" gator trout caught on a Rapala Skitterwalk as the sun was rising over the Indian River in Fort Pierce.

Trout fishing has continued flourish on the flats from one to four feet of water. We had a number of hits on top water, but Jessica landed a fat 28" gator trout on a Skitterwalk just after sunrise. Top water is always exciting, but this one totally inhaled her chartreuse lure. Even though it put up a good wasn't enough to win the battle with Jessica. Early morning try Queen's Cove, Round Island and down anywhere south to the Power Plant. Look for the sand holes to find them lurking.

We saw a good many redfish in a foot of water this week. Wayne had one follow his bait to the boat, only to change its mind at the last second. We drifted up on several reds with Chad and Jessica. Jessica was first to put a pinfish near one of them. After a couple long runs, she landed a 27" redfish to add to her catch. We were cut short when another boat decided they had to fish that area after they saw our results. Live or cut bait along with DOA CAL grubs or jerk baits (rootbeer or new penny colors) are the best choices for a chance at an upper slot redfish.

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Jessica later caught this 27" redfish on the shallow flats on a live pinfish.

Snook fishing has entered its last weekend for keepers. After Saturday night, it will be only catch and release. We have found many large snook feeding on the flats. Wayne found one large snook swim up to his bait, but again, change its mind. Live bait, top water or DOA CAL jerk baits are great choices on the flats. Look for the deeper holes for the big boys to be holding up and waiting for a quick meal to drift by.

The inlet has been boiling with Spanish mackerel. Shiny lures worked very fast can give you some quick action. The catwalks have been pretty quiet this week. The surf can hold whiting, mackerel, bluefish and even some snook. Jetties have jacks, bluefish and mackerel feeding on the tides there. Lots of bait around the river, so fish the bait pods....especially if they are nervous or being crashed.

Tip of the Week: Probably the most exciting fishing that I enjoy is sight fishing. We are entering the time of year that you can really have some fun out on the river. Keeping quietly across the flats can give you the opportunity to get some great sight casting opportunities. Jessica was a wonderful example as she cast to several redfish that were just a yards in front of the boat. Wayne watched a redfish swim within a few feet of the boat while giving chase to his bait. It's great fun and can be very rewarding!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner