June 5, 2008


What a fantastic weekend to fish the Indian River. Mild winds and warm temperatures found us on the flats in search of my favorite fish......Redfish! I love to sight fish when the weather allows and the fish sure cooperated this weekend for us. Looks like we are in for the same conditions going into the weekend with mild winds and hot temperatures. Hope you get a chance to get out there soon.

I had the pleasure to have Sid and Jenny Ramchandran on the boat this past week. Shane Barber was out with me on saturday to celebrate his birthday on the water. Jenny hadn't fished in a while and was taking a break from taking care of their children. It didn't take her very long to get back her fishing skills. Before the day was done, she had boated three upper slot redfish and a 26" trout to make for a great day on the water. Sid was all smiles for her, even though she did out fish him a little. We found a large school of redfish feeding on the flats and they stayed long enough for us that day.

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Jenny with her three redfish that ranged from 26" to 28".

Shane Barber was on the boat when we again found a large school of redfish working their way across the flats towards us. He was on as soon as the school reached us. We ended up the day with Shane catching five redfish from 26" to 29 1/2". We had several others hooked up before they got off. It was another great day of fishing on the Indian River! All our redfish were caught on either live bait or DOA CAL jerk baits this week. The fish are shallow, so keeping quiet and moving slowly is extremely important to your success. We had some even swim under the boat with Sid and Jenny. Round Island and Queen's Cove have had some reds feeding on the flats this past week.

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Shane with three of his five redfish to celebrate his birthday!

Snook fishing has slowed down mostly due to the season closing. There are some huge over slots on the flats that are hiding very shallow. Live bait will most likely be the best way to have a chance at hooking up with Mr. Snook. Remember to handle them carefully and get them back into the water quickly. It's catch, photo and release time again.

Trout fishing has continued to produce some big gators around the river. Top water in the morning can give you a good chance at one this time of year. Live pigfish or pinfish are the top choices of bait for trout during the summer months. Look for some around Queen's Cove, Bear Point and Harbor Branch. DOA CAL jerk baits in lighter colors have also worked this week on the trout.

Snapper around the bridges and channels have been providing anglers with some good keepers. Spanish mackerel are all over the inlet and turning basin. We saw some good sized ones chasing bait this week. They move quickly so plan on moving around the inlet often to catch them. There are still bluefish around the river and beaches. Whiting in the surf along with jacks, macks and blues to keep you busy. It's a great time of year to fish the Treasure Coast.

Tip of the Week:
Hot temperatures are here! Keep plenty of water on the boat to keep yourself hydrated this summer. Heat stroke can happen at any time and a good way to help prevent overheating yourself is with plenty of fluids. Stay safe and healthy on the water this summer!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email: captaincharlie@fishtalescharter.com