Seasonable weather has finally returned to South Florida. Moderate temperature days have made for great fishing and clean water. Fun in the sun and drag screaming action.

Clean water has made tarpon fishing exciting as anglers can sight cast to fish along channels and docks. Live bait and DOA Terror Eyz excellent choices to entice strikes. Mangrove shorelines are holding juvenile tarpon on the high tides, live mullet or small Rapala twitch baits get the strike.

Big schools of jacks have shown up and they are hungry. Top water Rapala skitter walks have been the anglers favorite choice bait for explosive action. DOA C.A.L. 3” shad tail and live baits also get the strike. The jacks are ranging in size from 2 to 20 pounds.

Channels and deep holes are holding a plethora of species for anglers to hook up with. Mackerel, snook, snapper, drum, blue fish and sharks get the drag screaming. The clean water has made it fun for anglers witnessing the strike from the fish. Does not get any better. As the water temperatures drop the fishing will continue to thrive as migratory species call our local waters home, for the next few months.

Well that is the fishing report for the past week. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines.

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