Superb weather the past week made for great days on water. Plenty of sunshine and moderate wind days anglers enjoyed sunshine and rod bending action.

Channels and backwaters held plenty of tarpon, the bigger Tarpon finicky at times allowed anglers to witness tarpon temperament. Primarily due to the full moon the bite was hit and miss but the juvenile tarpon do have the same mind set as bigger fish at times, they like to eat if baits is around. Live baits and Rapala twitch baits.

Snook fishing was awesome the past week lots of small fish but all four species of snook were caught. Docks also held schooling fish, live baits and jigs worked around pilings got the strike. Fly fishing for snook for multiple days with anglers made for lots of surface strikes and great takes next to the boat.

Rick piles and wrecks held plenty of snapper, drum and schools of jacks, bluefish, lady fish and runners. Jigs and shrimp worked nearhbe bottom got hit almost every drop, creating bent rod and happy anglers.

Wel that is the fishing report for the past week, hope you all enjoyed. Remember you can’t catch them from the couch, so get out there and get hooked up. Tight Lines!

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