Mother Nature’s Wrath

Fishing has not been the thing to do in the past few days. I started off several days ago preparing the boat for a little Tropical Storm called Fay. She was supposed to move through on Tuesday and throw her weight around a little. She came, but she didn’t leave - at least not quick enough. It is now Thursday and she’s still spinning and sending rain and wind our way.

The boat survived the winds just fine and I untied everything and got the Finding Equilibrium ready for her next fishing trip. Now, the weather won’t clear to make it possible and when it does, the whole fishing scene will be different.

I drove to Kelly Park on Merritt Island, where I normally ramp the boat, only to find the dock completely under water. (See picture of ramp, dock is right in the middle, but underwater.) Water in the Banana River is completely over the seawall and spilling into the park and near the pavilions. The river literally looks like the ocean with huge waves pounding against the land.

[Linked Image]

What this means for the fishing is still unknown. The fish will definitely have a lot of new hang oust available to them and you will probably need to do some prospecting to find them. You will still look for the usual suspects like bait pods, drop offs, points, etc. The problem is they will all be in different places than before the storm. Just be patient and look for areas similar to where you found fish before and you should locate them again.

The picture below shows the entrance to Kelly Park basin getting pounded by high waves and wind. The water is spilling over the seawall and into the Park.

[Linked Image]
I have seen both good and bad fishing following a storm, so I don’t really know what to predict. You just have to get out there and give it a try. Another thing I would mention is the safety factor. There will be lots of floating debris like logs, dock parts, etc. Keep your eye on the water and avoid such hazards. Some of them will be submerged and in areas you don’t expect so use utmost caution when on the water.

Kids Fishing Clinic

Right now I am just hoping everything clears up so we can proceed with a schedule Hook Kids on Fishing event this coming Saturday. We have over 200 kids preregistered for the event. Each participant will receive instruction in 6 different areas of boating and fishing. They include Safety and Rod and Reel Handling, Conservation, Knot Tying, Rigging and Tackle, Casting, and Boating Safety. All kids receive a free rod and reel and the last hour is devoted to hands on fishing. Plenty of volunteers will be watching and helping the kids around the water. If you are free on Saturday August 23, 2008, come on by Kelly Park on Merritt Island. The event runs from 9:00 to 11:00 with registration at 8:30. All this is assuming the water receded and Kelly Park becomes useable by Saturday.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.