The barramundi is a cousin of our beloved snook, and pound for pound I guarantee you the fight is as good or better. Why do I mention this, because last week I got to visit Osceola Outback Adventures near St. Cloud to experience some barramundi fishing on my own. Besides me the anglers were my grandson Robert, Capt. Tom Carver, Capt. Tom Van Horn, Charlie McCullough and Mark Blyth. We had not been out of the car a minute before Capt. Van Horn had hooked the first fish.

From then on it seemed like somebody had one on all the time. Before the day was over we had landed over 50 fish in the 9 to 12 pound range. If you ever get a chance to try it, don’t miss it!

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Capt. Byron Hennecy, operator of Osceola Outback Adventures explained that these fish will hit about anytime of the day. In fact he says, “When the water temperature heats up, they seemed to get more active.” We didn’t even start our adventure until around 2:00 in the afternoon - no need to get up before breakfast and start out early. When chasing these barramundi you can sleep in and start at your leisure.

The picture below was captured by Capt. Carver as a barramundi went airborne.

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Another unique characteristic about the fish is their willingness to bite on almost anything. We caught them on topwater, jerk baits, paddle tail plastics, and more. Even the color doesn’t seem to matter, although our guide Joey said he has his best success on a yellow squiggly tail plastic rigged on a silver jig head. In my mind it didn’t seem to matter.


If you would like to try your skills on these hard hitting, hard fighting and high jumping barramundi you can contact Capt. Hennecy at 407-908-3216 or email him at In the meantime check out his website at

Kids Fishing Clinic

The next fishing clinic that I will be involved with is in Punta Gorda, Saturday September 13. It will be held at Fisherman’s Village, starting at 1:30. This event is part of the Florida Outdoor Writers Association annual meeting. If you are in the area come on by and say hi. Heck, we might even put you to work. We are expecting 150 to 200 kids - all of which will learn about fishing and conservation before they hit the water to fish with their new rods and reels which they will receive. Rods and Reels are furnished by Fish Florida Foundation. You can support them by buying a Fish Florida specialty license tag.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.