Hello to all! I will be in Islamorada most of Nov and Dec and hoping for some fishing success - a yankee fresh and salt water fisherman new to FLA fishing.

I was down there in the Spring and did a little bridge fishing (no luck, but had the wrong tide I was told -- gotta do outgoing!) and some casting out on the Atlantic flats with shrimp and cut bait (small 'cudas. goggle eyes and a 2' hammerhead!). That was about it.

Hoping to do better and bigger. Any direction or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I will definitely post any fishing successes (or utter failures - humor is always good!):

1. Any place for a decent priced boat rental, ideally around the Snake Creek area (MM84-85)?
2. Anyone who may be looking for a fishing partner to chip in on gas and bait?
3. Suggestions on charters/guides for gulfside? for Atlantic (mahi or reef fishing)?
4. Bridge or shore fishing locations and suggestions/techniques?
5. I may rent or borrow a kayak for the ocean flats around Snake Creek - any suggestions, or am I wasting my time? Doubt I'll be able to see bones or permit from that low on the water, but I'd be happy catching snapper, 'cudas or whatever. Anything else possible? Suggested Baits/lures? Locations? What about the gulf side?

6. Any other party boats, besides Bud'n'Mary's? Yellowtails or muttons on the reef would be nice.

Thanks for any help!

Steve On LBI-NJ