October 2, 2008


If you haven't been out fishing lately...you are missing some of the best action of the year. Acres of baitfish and lots of hungry fish eaters out there giving chase. It's a fantastic time to live and fish the Treasure Coast! Mild weather conditions have only contributed to the exciting times on the water. We had some great fun out there this week.

It's not too difficult to find areas to fish right now. Look for any of the cleaner water and baitfish and you should find your action waiting on you. We have fished south just about exclusively this week and had some nice catches out there. Sunday, as I was scouting for this weekend, the bite took off on the flats and the redfish, snook, trout and jacks all were in a cooperative mood to eat. All fish were caught in 3 to 4 feet of water.

Tom Hull was down to fish this week and we again headed south of Fort Pierce to try our luck. A few lost top water lures later we switched to jerk baits and found the fish ready and willing to eat again. Lots of trout up to 18" are out there and willing to choke down a soft bait to keep you busy. Jacks are everywhere along with some ladyfish. We also nailed some short snook.....that is until Tom got crushed by a snook on his CAL jerk bait. After a tense battle on light tackle, he coaxed a 31" slot snook boat side. I am sure he said it was his personal best. These fish are following the bait schools and hungry. Watch where the baitfish have gathered and fish the edges for your action.

DOA CAL jerk baits have produced just about all our catches this week. I have been using any colors that tend to resemble mullet or baitfish and having good success on a CAL jighead. Try Arkansas Glow or Silver Mullet colors. We have fished them slow or fast as the bite seems to warrant. We have caught a smorgasbord of different species this week on them. Don't miss out on some of this great fishing action out on the Indian River. Have some fun soon!

Bridges and jetties have produced black drum this week. The surf has yielded whiting and a few pompano with live or dead shrimp. Night anglers are still catching snook around the jetties and bridges on mostly live bait. Enjoy yourself out there!

Tip of the Week:

Check your leader often out there fishing. Fish or structure can fray leaders quickly and if you aren't re-tying as necessary, you might just lose that big fish. Tom was a perfect example this week. He retied his worn leader just prior to hooking up on his slot snook and that enabled him to fight that fish to the boat. Take those few seconds and make sure your gear is ready for action. Sometimes doing little things correctly can lead to bigger things ahead!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner

email: captaincharlie@fishtalescharter.com


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Tom Hull in action this week on the Indian River!

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Thanks DOA!!