Clear Water Redfish

With all the rain in recent weeks clear water is not always easy to find. The Banana River has been mostly murky and fishing a little on the slow side. On the other hand, there are some clear water pockets in Mosquito Lagoon that are holding schools of redfish. I had the opportunity to fish with my friend and fellow captain Chris Myers in his own stomping grounds and he showed me a bunch of redfish. Parts of the lagoon are murky too, but other areas are clear.

When the water is clear and you can see a whole school of redfish within casting distance the adrenaline really gets to pumping. On this particular trip the reds were willing to eat CAL Shad Tails, Rip Tide 3 inch Mullet, the new Rip Tide Ultimate Minnow, and Captain Chris even tempted one on fly.

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When sight fishing reds you need to make your cast in front of the cruising and tailing fish for best results. In fact, Captain Chris says, “It’s all about accuracy in casting if you want to hook up a lot of fish.” The lesson here--don’t neglect your practice casting before you get on the water. When those feisty reds show up, you need to place a lure in the right place to guarantee a bite and hookup.

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Once hooked, land the fish as quickly as you can, take a photo if you want one, then get the fish back into the water as soon as possible. Cradle the fish with horizontal support at all times and be sure it is resuscitated before releasing.

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If you would like to get in to some spectacular fishing on Mosquito Lagoon give Captain Chris a call at 321-229-2848, email him at, or visit his website at

Florida Sportsman Fishing Shows

There are two more Florida Sportsman Fishing Shows left this Fall. I will be manning the booth for the Florida Guides Association at both the Jacksonville and Orlando shows. The Jacksonville show will be held on November 8th and 9th and the Orlando how will be the following weekend on November 15 and 16.

Come by the booth and say hi if you are in the area.

That's what it's all about. Good fishin'.

Capt. Ron Presley