November 14, 2008


With winter fast approaching and water temperatures dropping, anglers along the catwalks of Fort Pierce are excitedly reaping the rewards of braving the windy weather of November. Sand perch, snapper, black drum and croakers have filled the area with eager anglers looking to catch up on the feast that awaits them. Live or dead shrimp has put many good meals on the table recently. There have been lots of fish and lots of catching.

On the flats, the much awaited return of the pompano has finally arrived. While the numbers have been increasing, you can find pompano around the river along drop offs and deeper flats. Great table fare and battle on the hook. We found some pomps along the flats in 4 - 5 feet of water and had one take a DOA CAL jerk bait while fishing the flats. Live shrimp or sand fleas are the preferred baits while fishing for pompano. Look for lots of them to be along the surf in the near future.

If a fun day of fishing is all you need, look to the many jacks, mackerel, ladyfish and bluefish around the inlet right now. Tom Hull was down and we had a few hours of furious catch and release of some of the lesser renowned battlers out there. You can find some non-stop fun, especially for the young ones, out there awaiting you. Tom caught one of the biggest ladyfish I have seen on light tackle this week on the flats.

With the full moon, most of the snook fishing has been at night recently. Look around the inlet and bridges for your best opportunities using live bait. Lots of shorter snook have been hanging around the mangroves and provide some fun while ducking out of the windy conditions out there. Redfish reports have been mostly to the north in the Moorings and Round Island area. Live or cut bait has found a few willing to eat. We are still waiting for the flounder to show up in numbers and that shouldn't be too far off.

Tip of the Week:

A reminder that the Fort Pierce channel from the north bridge to south of the southern bridge is due to return to a manatee zone very soon. Watch for the signs and slow down. We continue to see boaters ignoring slow speed zones. Whether you like them or not, they are the law and we must obey them. The fines aren't worth taking the risk of being caught out there. Have fun and be safe.

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



Tom Hull with a few catches this week on the Indian River.....

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