November 21, 2008


Ol' Man Winter has left his mark this week along the Treasure Coast. Temperatures dipping into the 40's and windy conditions have awaited anglers all along the river. A few mornings have started with light winds, but by afternoon, it has been blowing most of the time. It has been a week of catching up around the house and building rod racks in my spare time. Water temperatures have dipped into the low sixties and you can bet the fish will be heading for deeper water.

Most of the recent action has been around the bridges for either snook anglers looking for that slot fish or the catwalks holding sand perch, black drum, sheephead, snapper and a few founder. A lot of people have been fishing the bridges this week! Using live or dead shrimp will get you some action. Around the inlet, bluefish, jacks, ladyfish and mackerel have been roaming in packs and chasing anything that moves. Anything shiny should coax them into striking. Pompano have been reported south of Fort Pierce on the drop-offs and deeper flats of the river. Live shrimp, Doc's Goofy jigs or sand fleas are good choices for pompano.

The jetties have held snook, jacks and bluefish lately. Snook fishing has been active mostly on the first part of the outgoing tides. Live baits have been the first choice of snook anglers. This time of year, it is good to fish the deeper cuts around island and mangroves and move up onto the shallower flats as the sun warms up the water. Redfish, especially, will sit on the flats to warm up in the sun. Being quiet and stealthy is essential now as the fish will scare easily and head to deeper water. Shrimp on popping corks is a great way to fish the deeper flats now. Remember that trout season is closed and releasing the fish quickly and safely is important now.

Tip of the Week: Using a de-hooker can help get the fish back into the water quickly and safely. It can eliminate handling of the fish and help it to survive and fight another day. There are many brands, sizes and types out on the market. Choose the one that will best suit your style of fishing. Snook season will close December 15th and that will leave them and sea trout out of season the last half of the month. They work wonderful on those dreaded catfish and puffers!

As always, remember, fishing is not just another's an ADVENTURE!!

Good Fishing and Be Safe,
Captain Charlie Conner



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Dress in layers this time of year, when fishing the cool mornings....