December Fishing Forecast:

Here it is December already and the Holidays are almost upon us. Where has this year gone? I must say it has been a great year for fishing all along the Treasure Coast. Both inshore and offshore has provided anglers with many great fishing adventures. We were blessed with a mild winter last year and hopefully we can look forward to another great year for winter fishing!

December brings on the winter months and changes fishing tactics on the river. The water temperatures continue to fall and your fishing must adjust to the weather. We will get many days of breezy winds that will hinder getting to some favorite spots out there. That's one of the reasons I love fishing in this area....you can always find somewhere to fish! Not only does the cooler weather affect the fish, it also requires us to dig out the ol' winter fishing clothes. It can get pretty chilly some mornings!

Trout and snook will be targets throughout the winter. Although trout season will remain closed through December and snook season closes December 15th, lots of anglers will still play catch and release with them. Fishing around bridges, docks and inlets can bring great action with snook hanging around the deeper waters of the river. Using live bait, red tail hawks and bomber lures can help you catch one worth a photo opportunity. Trout will tend to hang around the deeper cuts of the river. Move off to three to six feet of water for trout. Live shrimp on popping corks will work the best for them. I love to work DOA CAL jerk baits this time of year on the flats. You can also find snook and redfish hanging around those areas, too.

Pompano will begin to show up in the river and beaches this month. Spanish mackerel will continue to hang out in their favorite haunts of the river. Jack Crevalle will be traveling around in packs chasing bait all over the river. Flounder should continue to hit in the inlets and sandy areas of the river. Ladyfish is a great way to spend a few hours with the kids on the water. The bridges will be holding sheephead, croakers and sand perch for those anglers. Live or dead shrimp is always the best bet from the catwalks.

Redfish were hanging around the flats all last winter and I don't see any reason why you won't find them there this year. The past two years, the redfish population has explodedin our area! Schools of reds have given many anglers a fantastic fishing experience on our saltwater flats. Look for them as the sun warms up the water. You will find small groups at times tailing along the flats. Gold spoons, twitch baits and live bait can entice one into striking. Work your baits slow and remain stealthy to keep from sending them to depths unknown.....

Snook season closes December 15th so you just have a short time to catch that slot fish.

Winter fishing is already here. Change your tactics with the weather and follow the water temperatures more closely to make your fishing more productive. The fishing on our Treasure Coast continues to improve each years. If we all do our share to protect our rivers, we can insure the future generations will enjoy the same experiences we have been blessed with.

Remember, fishing is not just another hobby....it's an ADVENTURE!

Good Fishing!

Captain Charlie Conner
Captain Charlie's Fish Tales Charters

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While catching a smorgasboard of fish this week, Rich fooled this sheephead with a DOA CAL grub tail.