Xeno Original Scent Magnets disperse scented oil to attract fish and increase your catch 15-20% on any given day partly by masking other odors. Xeno Scent Magnets are hand made with quality materials in the USA. Attach the Scent Magnet to your line approximately 6" above the lure/live bait following the included diagram. This will allow easy adjustment of the Scent Magnet for a variety of different conditions.

- Scent Magnet will not interfere with action of the lure.

- After you apply scent to the Scent Magnet, the lure remains completely engulfed in scent at all times.

-This product is long lasting - holds scent longer; no need to spray lure/live bait frequently.

-Visit Our Web Site for more details: http://www.freewebs.com/fishxeno